Service Day 2014 Signup

Please select a team to sign up for. Spots on teams are limited, and are on a first come / first served basis. If you have any questions, please contact svclead@slu.edu


SIGN UP!Main Office - Paint the main office and staircase. (Indoor, First Floor)

Team Leaders: Diane Reilly, Eleni Gryparis 

FULLFirst Floor Office - Signup has been closed. (Indoor, First Floor)

Team Leader: Laura Asp 

SIGN UP!Downstairs Bathrooms - Paint and clean mens’s and women’s bathroom. (Indoor, First Floor)

Team Leader: Chandler Poppen 

SIGN UP!Multipurpose Room / Kitchen - Paint large multipurpose room / kitchen. (Indoor, First Floor)

Team Leaders: Rachel Campbell, Petra Orescanin 

FULLConference Room - Signup has been closed. (Indoor, Second Floor)

Team Leader: Claire Tessier 

SIGN UP!Computer Lab - Paint computer room, may require heavy lifting. (Indoor, Second Floor)

Team Leaders: Kerstine Kerner, Libby Newlin

SIGN UP!Second Floor Hallway and Bathroom - Paint and clean bathroom and hallway. (Indoor, Second Floor)

Team Leader: Mohammad Rasheed 

SIGN UP!Transportation Room - Paint the transportation room. Paint and clean small bathroom. (Indoor, Second Floor)

Team Leader: Allie Soave 

SIGN UP!Transportation Offices - Paint the two offices attached to the transportation room. (Indoor, Second Floor)

Team Leader: Christian Munzner 

SIGN UP!Basement - Paint the basement. (Indoor, Basement. The basement has short ceilings, less than 6”)

Team Leaders: Sam Hurteau, Michael Romano 

SIGN UP!Northside Landscaping and Painting - Landscape the front of the building and repair fencing. (Outside)

Team Leader: Riley Peick 

SIGN UP!Southside Landscaping and Painting - Paint staircase and landscape. (Outside)

Team Leader: Alex Pavlishin 

SIGN UP!Westside Landscaping and Painting - Mulch the playground area and remove weeds along the fencing. (Outside)

Team Leader: Matthew Palka 

SIGN UP!Eastside Landscaping and Painting - Weed along the fencing and moderate landscaping. (Outside)

Team Leader: Eric Disanza