Study Abroad Opportunities



A portfolio of international business skills is necessary for professionals operating in today’s global market. To differentiate yourself, you need to be sensitive to how cultural, social, economic, political, religious, and geographic differences affect business.

Get More Stamps on Your Passport.

A semester abroad is a great way to enhance your education and learn about another culture. The University offers a variety of opportunities to study outside of the U.S. In addition to the SLU campus in Madrid, Spain, SLU offers programs in France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, and China.

Study abroad is a key tool for building your international fluency! Full immersion into another culture provides a heightened understanding of and a sensitivity to the differences among people around the world.

Your final 30 hours of study must be completed at the Saint Louis campus, so it is best to complete a semester or year abroad during your sophomore or junior year. The types of courses to take while abroad would typically be from the Arts and Sciences areas, rather than business coursework. As with any transfer work, you will need to check with your advisor in Cook Hall 130 for approval on study abroad courses that you wish to take. 

Getting Started

The John Cook School of Business and the Boeing Institute of International Business offer undergraduate and graduate study abroad opportunities for business students:


Contact the Program

If you need more information on study abroad opportunities or to obtain application materials, please contact the Boeing Institute of International Business at:

You may also visit the International Center located in DuBourg Hall, Room 150.