Marketing Supporting Area


Marketing develops and tests product concepts, designs merchandising and promotional campaigns, creates and manages the relationship with the customer, collects and analyzes information about the marketplace and creates marketing plans to help employers achieve sales and generate profit.

It’s your degree…Make the most of it

In addition to their chosen area of concentration, business majors may also complete the leadership and change management supporting area of study.

Marketing Supporting Area

Twelve (12) hours of marketing coursework, in addition to MKT 3000, which is taken as part of the Business Common Body of Knowledge, are required for the marketing supporting area.

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Course Options

Twelve hours chosen from the following courses (3 credit hours each):

 CourseTitle Prerequisites
MKT 3300Marketing Channels & Distribution Systems MKT 3000
MKT 3400Integrated Marketing CommunicationsMKT 3000
MKT 3500Sports MarketingMKT 3000
MKT 3600Marketing ResearchMKT 3000
MKT 3700Social Media and Digital MarketingMKT 3000
MKT 4300Retail ManagementMKT 3000
MKT 4400Consumer BehaviorMKT 3000
MKT 4440Personal SellingMKT 3000
MKT 4450Sales Management MKT 3000 
MKT 4550International Marketing MKT 3000 
MKT 4600Brand Management MKT 3000
MKT 4650Marketing AnalyticsMKT 3000