International Business Supporting Area


Multinational corporations are on the rise and looking for individuals to guide them through the intricacies of global commerce. 


It’s your degree…Make it count

In addition to their chosen area of concentration, business majors may also complete the international business supporting area of study.


International Business Supporting Area

Twelve (12) hours of international business coursework are required for the international business supporting area. At least nine (9) hours of the coursework are to be taken through the department of international business. Students may take up to twelve (12) hours through the department of international business or they may opt to take up to three (3) of the required twelve (12) hours of coursework for the supporting area from other internationally focused classes offered through the Cook School.

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Course Options

Nine to twelve hours as follows (3 credits each):

 CourseTitle Prerequisites
IB 302Latin American Business IB 200 
IB 304Asian Business IB 200 
IB 310Geopolitics of World Business IB 200 
IB 314International e-Business IB 200 & ITM 200/201 
IB 315Middle Eastern Business IB 200 
IB 316Cultural Differences in International BusinessIB 200
IB 412International Business StrategiesIB 310 or IB 316
IB 480International Business InternshipIB 200, permissions of the department chair, and junior or senior standing
IB 493Special Topics in International Business 
IB 496Global Immersion in International Business (Only one may be used for the supporting area)IB 200 & junior standing


Three hours of the total twelve required may be chosen from the following courses (3 credit hours each):

 CourseTitle Prerequisites
ECON 379Economies of Latin America ECON 190 
ECON 416History of Economic AnalysisECON 312 & ECON 314 or permission or the department chair
ECON 430International TradeECON 312 & ECON 314 or permission of the department chair
ECON 431Exchange Rates & the Global EconomyECON 312
ECON 445Economics of International MigrationECON 314
FIN 425International Financial Management Co-reqs: FIN 333 & FIN 363 or permission of the department chair 
ITM 360Global Information Management ITM 200/201 & IB 200 
MKT 360International Marketing MKT 300