International Business Supporting Area


Multinational corporations are on the rise and looking for individuals to guide them through the intricacies of global commerce. 


It’s your degree…Make it count

In addition to their chosen area of concentration, business majors may also complete the international business supporting area of study.


International Business Supporting Area

Twelve (12) hours of international business coursework are required for the international business supporting area. For full course descriptions, please click here.

Course Options (Effective Fall 2014)

Twelve hours selected from the following:

 CourseTitle Prerequisites
IB 3020Latin American Business IB 2000 
IB 3040Asian Business IB 2000
IB 3100Geopolitics of World Business IB 2000 
IB 3140International e-Business IB 2000 & ITM 2000
IB 3150Middle Eastern Business IB 2000 
IB 3160Cultural Differences in International BusinessIB 2000
IB 4120International Business StrategiesIB 2000
IB 4900Global Immersion in International Business (Only one may be used for the supporting area)IB 2000 & junior standing
IB 4910International Business InternshipIB 2000, permissions of the department chair, and junior or senior standing
IB 4930Special Topics in International Business