Entrepreneurship Supporting Area


Entrepreneurship is the engine of local, national and global economies.

It’s your degree…Make the most of it

In addition to your chosen area of concentration, business majors may also complete the entrepreneurship supporting area of study.


Entrepreneurship Supporting Area

Twelve (12) hours of management coursework, in addition to MGT 2000. MGT 3000, MGT 4000, which are taken as part of the Business Common Body of Knowledge, are required for the entrepreneurship supporting area.

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Course Options

Twelve hours as follows (3 credit hours each):

 CourseTitle Prerequisites
MGT 3200Managing Ideas in Entrepreneurial Firms *MGT 3000
MGT 3201Social Entrepreneurship*MGT 3000
MGT 3210Managing Resources in Entrepreneurial Firms MGT 3200 or MGT 3201
MGT 4200Business Plan Development MGT 3200 or MGT 3201, & MGT 3210

*Note: Students cannot take both MGT 3200 and MGT 3201


Three hours chosen from the following courses (3 credit hours each):

 CourseTitle Prerequisites
MGT 3100Organization Behavior MGT 3000 
MGT 3300Management of Human Resources MGT 3000 
MGT 3301Negotiations & Conflict Resolution MGT 3000 
MGT 4101Fundamentals of Leadership MGT 3100 
MGT 4102Organizational Failure, Change & Transformation MGT 3100 
MGT 4103Current Problems in ManagementMGT 3100
MGT 4201Introduction to Family BusinessMGT 3200 or MGT 3201
MGT 4910Management InternshipMGT 3000, permission of the department chair, & junior or senior standing