Business Analytics Supporting Area


Businesses seek to maximize the value of the vast amount of available data.  This supporting area prepares students to meet the growing demand for data-driven decisions.  Graduates obtain the technical foundation for data-driven decisions which are used in a wide range of industries and disciplines.


It’s your degree…Make the most of it

In addition to their chosen area of concentration, business majors may also complete the Business Analytics supporting area of study.

Business Analytics Supporting Area

Twelve Hours as Follows


Database Management Systems


ITM 2000


Business Analytics

ITM 2000 and OPM 2070


And any two (2) of the following:


Introduction to Big Data

OPM 2070


Business Data Mining 

OPM 2070 or ITM 3700


Marketing Analytics*

MKT 3000

*Marketing students must take ITM 3550 and ITM 4700 since MKT-4650 is a required course and cannot fulfill requirements of both the marketing concentration and the business analytics supporting area.