Repeating Courses

Sometimes we don’t make the mark. If you don’t reach the required grade then you’ve got a second shot at it.

Understanding What It Means

All repeated courses and grades will be recorded on the academic transcript with the most recent course included in the grade point average and noted as “included”, while the previous courses will be noted as “excluded”.

All courses designated as excluded will:

  1. Not be included in cumulative earned credit hour totals,
  2. Not be awarded quality points and therefore not calculated in a student’s cumulative grade point average
  3. Not apply toward graduation requirements.


Courses excluded from the Repeating Course policy are Special Topics, Independent Study, Internships and Clinical Learning Experiences.


Students may not repeat a graded course with a Pass/No Pass grade.

Note: Students receiving financial aid need to verify with the Office of Student Financial Services whether repeating a course will affect their eligibility status. Federal law limits the number of times students may repeat a course and receive Title IV financial aid for that course.