Brush up on what you need to do to ensure you are able to register for classes on time. Part of your success relies in ensuring that you get into the classes you want.

The Registration Process

All business students are required to meet with an academic advisor in Cook 130 to get cleared to register for classes.  Students advised in SES (Student Educational Services) or in the Pre-Professional Health Program will meet with those advisors to get cleared to register.

If you are an accounting or international business student, you will need to meet with your faculty mentor as well.  In addition, second semester freshmen students and first semester sophomore students will meet with their assigned faculty mentor.  Please check your Student Information on the University Self-Service Banner if you do not know the name of your faculty mentor. Other business students are encouraged to meet with a faculty member from their department. 

Only students with priority registration (athletes, honors, SES, students with disabilities) will have a special PIN to enable them to register early.

After receiving any necessary advising, you may register in the following ways:

Special Registration Policies

Inter-University Program Registration

Inter-University Program Registration Students must obtain permission to participate in this program by completing an Inter-University Program Registration Form, available in Cook Hall 130 or the Registrar’s Office. Saint Louis University students may cross-register for undergraduate courses at other institutions included in the Inter-University agreements under the following conditions:

Grades earned under these conditions will be computed into the student’s GPA.

Taking Courses at Another University or College

Students interested in transferring credit from another institution should contact Undergraduate Student Services in the Cook School of Business to determine applicability of transfer coursework toward graduation requirements. A maximum of 9 credit hours per summer term may be taken; students may petition to take 12 hours. Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in approved transfer courses. Continuing students must receive approval BEFORE enrolling in courses away from SLU. Full-time, business degree-seeking students may NOT take courses concurrently at other institutions during the fall and spring semesters.

Registration of Undergrads in Graduate Courses

Undergraduate students are generally not permitted to take graduate business courses; however, Seniors in the Cook School of Business may petition to take up to six credits of graduate course work under the following conditions: The student has at least a 3.0 GPA. The graduate course requirements are consistent with the student’s abilities. Request is made by petition and approved by the Assistant Dean.

Changes of Registration - Withdrawing from Courses

Once the semester has begun, you may make changes to your schedule in Undergraduate Student Services, Cook Hall 130. You may add a new class through the first week of classes only. During the second week of classes, a course may be added only with written permission of the instructor. Courses dropped during the first two weeks of class will not appear as a “W” on your records. No classes may be added after the second week of class. After the first two weeks of class, you may withdraw from classes up until the 10th week of class (see class schedule for exact dates). You must complete a change of registration form in Cook Hall 130 and take the signed form to the Registrar’s Office, DuBourg Hall 22. You will receive a grade of “W” for any withdrawals after the first two weeks. (Please note that summer deadlines are shorter due to the condensed schedule.) You are responsible for withdrawing from classes you stop attending. If you do not withdraw from a class that you stop attending, you will receive a grade of “AF” or “failure due to absence.”

Tuition Bills

Bills are mailed to the permanent or billing address listed by the student. Financial arrangements must be made by the payment deadline. Registration will be canceled if the payment deadline is not met. However, if you do not wish to attend after you have registered, you must notify the School of Business (977-3800) or the Registrar’s Office (977-2269) and cancel your registration.

Petition Process

Students who wish to request exceptions to their program must put their request in writing on the petition form available in Cook Hall 130. Exceptions include: Transferring a course from another school - a course description may be required; Substituting a course; Taking an independent study course - a course outline must be included; Waiving the residency requirement; Taking a course overload (more than 18 hours in a semester); Auditing a course; Taking a graduate-level course (Approvals may be needed from the instructor or department chairperson). The result of the petition will be communicated to the student in writing.