Grading System

Grading helps identify a student’s performance in a course. Our grading system helps students recognize what’s needed to achieve their potential through hard work.

Understanding the Marks

The undergraduate grading system at Saint Louis University follows a 0 - 4.00 grade point scale.

Please note: The Cook School of Business does NOT allow the pass/no pass option to ANY undergraduate student enrolled in business courses.  In addition, business students may NOT take ANY course on a pass/no pass basis if the course is used to fulfill degree requirements.´╗┐

GradeGrade Points Interpretation
A4.00 High achievement & intellectual initiative  
A-3.70 Approaching high achievement 
B+3.30 Slightly higher than above average achievement 
B3.00 Above average achievement 
B-2.70 Approaching above average achievement 
C+2.30Slightly above average achievement
C2.00Average achievement
C-1.70Below average achievement, grade does not fulfill “C or better” course requirements
D1.00Inferior but passing achievement, student should check individual school or departmental policies for further information on potential implications of “D” grades
AF-Automatic failure due to unauthorized withdrawal or excessive absence *
AU-Audit: Course appears on transcript, but no credits are given towards graduation´╗┐ *
 ICourse work incomplete at last session due to extraordinary circumstances. Must be removed within one year after the course is taken or “I” is converted to “F.” For graduating seniors, this conversion will take place 30  calendar days after the commencement date. *
 SSatisfactory: Registration in special course carrying no credit. All schools except Parks College & the College of Philosophy and Letters. *
 UUnsatisfactory: Unsatisfactory participation in courses carrying no credit.  All schools except Parks College & the College of Philosophy and Letters. ´╗┐*
 NRNo grade reported: Notation is temporary & is changed after the course has been completed or grade assigned. In the College of Arts & Sciences, a mark of “no grade” will be converted to an “F” after one year. *
 PPass: Credit is given toward graduation but has no effect on grade point average. Equivalent to “C” or better, All schools except the Cook School of Business. *
 NPNo Pass: No credit toward graduation. Equivalent to “D” or “F.” All schools except the Cook School of Business & Philosophy and Letters *
 WAuthorized withdrawal from a course *
 XFailure to take the final examination of a course. Must be cleared within 30 days of the end of the semester or session or a grade of “F” is recoded. All schools except the College of Arts & Sciences. *

* Grade has no effect on the grade point average