Grade Appeals

The Cook School works tirelessly to ensure a fair grading system. Sometimes questions occur about grades, and the Cook School believes in listening to students who raise questions about grading policy.

Appeal Procedure

A procedure has been developed to provide students of the Cook School with a process for appealing a course grade believed to be based on prejudice, discrimination, arbitrary or capricious action, or other reasons not related to academic performance.

In short, the student shall first consult with the instructor in an effort to resolve the complaint. This must be done within 30 days after the start of the regular semester following the recording of the disputed grade. If the complaint is not resolved at this time, it is presented in writing to the chairperson of the department in which the course was offered. If still unresolved, the student may request in writing that the chairperson forward the complaint to the appropriate dean. Following notification of the dean’s decision, either party may appeal the decision to the Academic Vice President.

For complete information about the procedures for a grade appeal, please contact Undergraduate Business Programs Office


Want to Know More? Download the Full Grade Appeal Policy.