Academic Probation & Dismissal

The Cook School holds  our students to a high academic standard. Our policies are meant to help produce students who are rooted in honest and original academic work that exhibits their true potential and creativity.

Probationary Status

Students whose cumulative SLU grade point average falls below 2.0 are required to apply for probationary status, which allows for no more than two consecutive semesters to improve scholastically and to demonstrate evidence of the capacity to proceed toward a degree. A student on academic probation may not register for more than 12 - 15 semester hours, depending on the probation term, and may not make application for a degree.


A student may be suspended from a course, from a school or college, or from the University for academic or disciplinary misconduct. At the time suspension is imposed, the conditions for reinstatement are explained. While under suspension, a student is barred from further registration. Reinstatement after academic suspension requires the approval of the student’s academic dean.


The Dean of each degree-granting unit of the University has the authority and responsibility to dismiss a student from the School or College and the University for academic reasons.

The conditions under which a student is dismissed are:


A student notified of dismissal for these reasons may apply for transfer to another school of the University under the condition that he or she is eligible for special probationary status in the school into which transfer is requested.

To be eligible for this status, the student must: