Academic Advising


Academic Advising promotes the holistic growth of students, respectful of their individual goals. Our integrated program works collaboratively with the University community in support of students’ academic success. Academic Advising also maintains student records, provides essential academic information, and interprets academic policy for new freshmen, new transfers, and current students.

What is Academic Advising?

The academic advising process is considered a very important aspect of a student’s educational experience at Saint Louis University. The goals of the advising process are to assist students in their understanding of academic requirements, to nurture intellectual maturation and self-confidence, to encourage students to take an active role in the advisement process, and to foster a positive working relationship between advisors and students.

At Saint Louis University, it is our expectation that all of our students will be successful. An ongoing and effective advising relationship can be a major ingredient in a recipe for academic success. 

In addition to advising services, Undergraduate Student Services provides the following assistance to undergraduates:

Important information will be communicated through your SLU email account. It is your responsibility to check this on a regular basis.

Advising Expectations

An Academic Advisor will:

An Advisee will:

Expected Student Learning Outcomes

Through the advising experience at Saint Louis University, academic advisees will acquire the ability to:

Year One
Access information about campus resources
Identify the academic advisor and faculty mentor
Understand prerequisites & course sequences
Know how to access information about academic success
Understand registration policies & procedures
Register using Banner Self-Service
Calculate a SLU semester & cumulative GPA
Locate & use the University Academic Calendar and the Undergraduate Catalog
Identify information about the Jesuit model of education & the Five Dimensions
Year Two
Understand the degree requirements
Work effectively with a faculty mentor to review the academic progress in an intended or declared academic program
Develop attainable academic goals
Understand appropriate formal academics processes
Identify internship opportunities 
Year Three & Four
Integrate elements of the Jesuit model of education & the Five Dimensions of the SLU experience into curriculum 
Understand the application for the degree conferral process
Access information about the post-graduation employment opportunities
Access information about professional school & graduate school opportunities
Understand  Commencement & the degree conferral process