Marketing Minor


Completion of the minor provides an excellent foundation in the marketing areas of promotions and consumer behavior and allows students to study two additional areas including retail, sales, and marketing research.

Learn to market effectively

The John Cook School of Business allows non-business majors to earn a marketing minor. Students are responsible for completing prerequisites, and a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA is required in minor coursework.


Marketing Minor for Non-Business Majors

Eighteen (18) hours of coursework from the Cook School are required for the marketing minor.

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Twelve hours as follows (3 credit hours each):

 CourseTitle Prerequisites
ECON 190Principles of Economics MATH 120 
MKT 300Introduction to Marketing ManagementECON 190 and junior standing 
MKT 340Integrated Marketing Communications MKT 300 
MKT 440Consumer Behavior MKT 300 


Six hours chosen from the following courses (3 credit hours each):

 CourseTitle Prerequisites
MKT 350Sports MarketingMKT 300 
MKT 360Marketing Research MKT 300 & OPM 207 
MKT 430Retail Management MKT 300 
MKT 444Personal Selling MKT 300 
MKT 445Sales Management MKT 300 
MKT 460Brand ManagementMKT 300; MKT 360 & MKT 465 are highly recommended
MKT 465Marketing AnalyticsMKT 300