Information Technology Management Minor


Demand for graduates who are knowledgeable about the design, development, management, and evaluation of information systems continues to increase.

Technology as a background 

The ITM minor provides undergraduate students, who are not majoring in business, the ability to specify, select and apply information technology (IT) in their field of study.

The information technology management minor provides the skills and terminology to become a knowledgeable user of IT. Information Technology Management courses require extensive hands-on projects, teamwork, and the use of high-end computer technology. Extensive coursework in computer programming is not required for the ITM minor.

Any of the ITM courses may be waived if appropriate material has been covered in a previous course; however, the waiver will require the substitution of an additional ITM course.

Students are responsible for completing any prerequisites, and a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA is required in minor coursework.


Information Technology Management Minor for Non-Business Majors

Fifteen (15) credit hours in information technology management coursework must be completed for the information technology management minor.

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Course Options

Three hours as follows (3 credit hours each):

 CourseTitle Prerequisites
ITM 200/201Introduction to Information Technology Management/Introduction to Enterprise Systems & ITM  


Twelve hours chosen from the following courses (3 credit hours each):

 CourseTitle Prerequisites
ITM 250Spreadsheet & Database Productivity ITM 200/201 
ITM 310Program Development TechniquesITM 200/201
ITM 320Object Oriented ProgrammingITM 310
ITM 330Database Management SystemsITM 200/201
ITM 345Web Site Design & DevelopmentITM 200/201
ITM 350Information Security ManagementITM 200/201
ITM 360Global Information Technology ManagementITM 200/201 & IB 200
ITM 370Business AnalyticsITM 200/201, & OPM 207
ITM 380Project ManagementITM 200/201 & junior standing
ITM 410Systems Analysis & DesignITM 200/201
ITM 435Data Communication & Networking ITM 200/201 & junior standing 
ITM 450Web-based Applications ITM 320 & ITM 330; Co-reqs: ITM 410 & ITM 435
ITM 460Business Process Implementation with ERP/SAP ITM 200/201 & ACCT 220
ITM 490Enterprise Systems Practicum ITM 200/201 & junior standing