Minors for Non-Business Majors


Business is everywhere. The Cook School realizes that skills learned in business academics are applicable to more than just business. 

Minor Programs

The Cook School offers minors for students not enrolled as business majors, but who are interested in business education. 

Our minor programs for non-business majors includes:

Applying for the Minor Programs


Eligibility to enroll in a minor program for non-business majors requires:

* Example: If a degree requires at least 50% of a minor’s courses, then the student is not eligible to earn the minor in addition to their degree. For example, Aviation Management majors may not earn a minor in Business Administration because that major requires more than 50% of the minor’s courses.

Application Process

Students that meet the Cook School minor eligibility requirements must apply to a minor program.

  1. Complete the Online Application or Come to Cook Hall, room 130, to complete a paper application. 
  2. The Cook School will review the application and notify the applicant of their request status.