Degree Information


Not all business degrees are the same. Experience the difference with the Cook School’s well rounded degree program that not only prepares you for the business world, but through an interdisciplinary core, helps you discover yourself.

Four Requirements. One Rounded Degree.

Degree requirements for every program offered in the Cook School of Business consist of four groups of classes:

In addition to the coursework, students must also complete the Focus Career Development Program.


Electives are courses selected by the student. Electives are not limited to business courses and may be chosen from any area of study within the University, thus giving students an opportunity to diversify their backgrounds.

The number of electives required depends upon the business concentration chosen, with a minimum of 120 hours required for the degree. In addition, a minimum of 48 credits of arts and sciences courses must be taken. For more information about the Arts and Sciences Core Requirements, please click here.