B.S. in Business Administration - Sports Business Concentration


Sports business is a major industry. At $422 billion, the U.S. sports industry is one of the top ten in the country and provides multiple career opportunities. 

Success Off the Field

The Cook School’s business concentration in sports business prepares students for a variety of sports-related careers including front-office management and operations, sports marketing and communication, sponsorship development, licensing and representation. The interdisciplinary curriculum prepares students to face multiple challenges in their career.  

In addition, students gain insight from representatives of the Sports Business Advisory Board, who are experts from major and minor league franchises, major sponsorship organizations, sporting good manufacturers and sports agencies.


B.S. in Business Administration - Sports Business Concentration

In addition to fulfilling the requirements for the B.S.B.A. degree, students must complete eighteen (18) credit hours.

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Course Options

Nine hours as follows (3 credit hours each):

 CourseTitle Prerequisites
MGT 3400Introduction to Sports Management MGT 3000 & junior standing 
MGT 4400Integrated Sports Business Planning MGT 3400, two other Sports Business courses completed
MKT 3500Sports Marketing MKT 3000


Nine hours chosen from the following courses (3 credit hours each):

 CourseTitle Prerequisites
ECON 4500Sports Economics OPM 2070, ECON 3140 & MATH 1320 or MATH 1510 or higher level Calculus course
ITM 3800Project Management ITM 2000 and junior standing 
MGT 3301Negotiations and Conflict Resolution  MGT 3000 
MGT 4401Legal Issues in Sport & Entertainment MGT 2000 
MGT 4402Intercollegiate Athletics ManagementMGT 3000
SPBZ 4910Sports Business Internship MGT 3400, junior standing, and permission of the instructor