B.S.in Business Administration - Finance Concentration

undergraduate-programs-concentrations-finance-slu-cook-businessFinance is the study of financial markets, institutions, the valuations of assets, and the allocation of assets to achieve desired financial goals.

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The Cook School’s business concentration in finance prepares students for successful careers in finance in the ever-increasing global economy. In addition to gaining professional finance knowledge, students will develop strong analytical, communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and electronic spreadsheet skills for success in today’s environment.

The finance concentration bridges academia with the real world during the senior year through the management of $500,000 in university endowment, which allows students to gain hands-on experience in evaluating common stocks as investments and in the fiduciary of management of investment assets through Applied Portfolio Management.


B.S. in Business Administration - Finance Concentration

In addition to fulfilling the requirements for the B.S.B.A. degree, the finance concentration requires eighteen (18) hours in addition to FIN 3010, Principles of Finance, which is taken as part of the Business Common Body of Knowledge.

Finance students are strongly encouraged to take additional courses in accounting. Although Accounting 2200 and 2220 are required of all business majors, many employers look favorably upon additional accounting courses. In addition, the CFA level I exam and the CFP exam require knowledge of accounting that goes beyond the two core courses. 

The Department of Finance has created the Financial Analysis (FA) track within the finance concentration.  The track consists of a prescribed set of eight finance and accounting courses, along with two electives.

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Course Options

Twelve hours as follows (3 credit hours each): 

 CourseTitle Prerequisites
FIN 3330Fixed Income Securities & Markets FIN 3010 with a grade of B- or higher 
FIN 3630Equity Securities & MarketsFIN 3010 with a grade of B- or higher 
FIN 4230Financial Management FIN 3330 & FIN 3630 or permission of the department chair 
FIN 4650Derivative Securities & MarketsFIN 3330 & FIN 3630 or permission of the department chair 


Six hours chosen from the following courses (3 credit hours each):

 CourseTitle Prerequisites
FIN 3140Insurance Co-reqs: FIN 3330 & FIN 363 0
FIN 3160Real Estate Co-reqs: FIN 3330 & FIN 3630 
FIN 4250International Financial Management Co-reqs: FIN 3330 & FIN 3630 or permission of the department chair 
FIN 4330Financial Analysis & ModelingFIN 3330 & FIN 3630
FIN 4440Financial Planning FIN 3330 & FIN 3630
FIN 4530Advanced Financial ManagementFIN 3330, FIN 3630, & FIN 4230
FIN 4630Applied Portfolio ManagementFIN 3330, FIN 3630, & permission of the instructor 
FIN 4730Financial Markets and InstitutionsCo-reqs: FIN 3330 & FIN 3630
FIN 4910Finance InternshipFIN 3330, FIN 3630, permission of the department chair, & junior or senior standing