B.S. in Business Administration - Entrepreneurship Concentration

undergraduate-programs-concentrations-entrepreneurship-slu-cook-businessEntrepreneurship is the engine of local, national and global economies. 

Don’t Just Learn. Act.

The Cook School’s business concentration in entrepreneurship integrates the classroom and the real world through a dynamic mix of leading-edge knowledge, involvement with successful entrepreneurs, and hands-on development of the key skills of creativity, market focus, and business planning that are essential to successful ventures. The academics of the program draws on SLU’s world-class resources, including the Cook School’s Center for Entrepreneurship, an acknowledged national leader in entrepreneurship education.

B.S. in Business Administration - Entrepreneurship Concentration

In addition to fulfilling the requirements of the B.S.B.A. degree, the Entrepreneurship concentration requires eighteen (18) hours in addition to MGT 218, MGT 300, and MGT 400, which are taken as part of the Business Common Body of Knowledge.

Along with the academic focus, the Cook School offers a variety of co-curricular programs, events, and opportunities through the Center for Entrepreneurship . For a student interested in pursuing a concentration in entrepreneurship, the variety of programming will help them translate academics into real world opportunity. 

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Course Options

Nine Hours as follows (3 credit hours each):

 CourseTitle Prerequisites
MGT 320Managing Ideas in Entrepreneurial Firms MGT 300 
MGT 321Managing Resources in Entrepreneurial Firms  MGT 320 
MGT 421Business Plan Development MGT 320 and MGT 321 


Concentration Electives: Six hours chosen from the following (3 hours each):

 CourseTitle Prerequisites
MGT 310Management of Human Resources MGT 300 
MGT 312Organization Behavior MGT 300 
MGT 330Negotiations & Conflict Resolution MGT 300 
MGT 405Fundamentals of Leadership MGT 312 
MGT 408Organizational Failure, Change, and Transformation MGT 312
MGT 415Current Problems in ManagementMGT 312
MGT 422Introduction to Family BusinessMGT 320
MGT 480Management InternshipMGT 300, permission of the department chair, and junior or senior standing


Breadth Electives: Three hours chosen from the following (3 credit hours each):

 CourseTitle Prerequisites
FIN 316Real EstateCo-requisites: FIN 333 & FIN 363 or permission of the department chair 
MKT 340Integrated Marketing CommunicationsMKT 300 
MKT 360Marketing ResearchOPM 207 & MKT 300 
MKT 444Personal Selling MKT 300