undergradute-programs-slu-cook-school-concentrations3Your Degree. Your Choice. Undergraduate business students can pursue a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration degree while also picking a concentration to focus on throughout the program.

Choose a concentration that fits you.

Double Business Concentrations

Students can choose to pursue two business concentrations simultaneously, but they must complete both sets of requirements. A double concentration within the business school, however, is not considered a double undergraduate degree; students completing more than one concentration within the business school will receive one Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with the transcript indicating the concentrations. Courses that are in common in the two areas can be counted only once, not towards both concentrations. In addition to the business concentration, business students may also pursue a major or minor outside of the Cook School. Please refer to the department offering the major or minor for those requirements.

Not Sure What’s Right For You? Let Us Help!

For assistance in helping pick the concentration that is the best fit for you, or for general questions about our undergraduate degree program, please contact the Undergraduate Business Programs office by clicking here.