Sustainable Business Practices Program


The Sustainable Business Practices Program combines coursework related to sustainability with field work, seminars, and helps students actively reflect on their experiences.

About the Program

Building sustainable societies is increasingly important, both pragmatically and as a social justice issue. Often there is the perception that environmental and social sustainability are at odds with economic sustainability, especially when considered from the perspective of the individual firm. However, this need not be the case; it is possible for businesses to promote environmental and social sustainability while also being economically sustainable (i.e. profitable).

The Sustainable Business Practices Program is intended to help undergraduate business students understand how firms can achieve economic sustainability while also pursuing environmental and social sustainability; a goal that fits well with Saint Louis University’s Jesuit identify and university mission. 

Sustainable Business Practices Program Requirements

*Please Note:  A minimum of six hours of business courses must be taken from the Cook School. In many cases, students are able to work these courses into their normal degree requirements and therefore do not have to take additional credit hours to complete the program. For full course descriptions click here.


Contact the Sustainable Business Practices Program

For more information about the Sustainable Business Practices Program, please contact Ben Smyth: