Supply Chain Management 101

The one-day Supply Chain Management 101 workshop is a part of the Principles of Supply Chain Management Certificate Program managed by the Center for Supply Chain Management at Saint Louis University.

Program Summary 

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The major objective of this workshop is to introduce basic supply chain tools that have been used in industries, public sectors, health care areas and other fields. It is known from various research studies that strategic use of supply chain tools has a significant impact on financial statements.

The Supply Chain Management 101 workshop attempts to demonstrate the link between successful use of supply chain principles and tools and financial performance of firms.


Target Audience

The workshop is intended for beginners of supply chain management and/or professionals who are not directly involved in daily supply chain operations but wish to know more about this discipline. This workshop has drawn people from accounting, law, healthcare, marketing, finance, information technology, and professionals from the supply chain area who wish to refresh their skills.



Participants will learn:


supply-chainEnrollment is Now Open!

The SCM 101 course will utilize the following schedule for all classes:



Introduction to Supply Chain ManagementAugust 19 2016Click Here to Register
Introduction to Supply Chain ManagementJanuary 20 2017Click Here to Register




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