Lean Logistics Program

A common misconception of Lean philosophy is that it only finds application in manufacturing settings. However, the impact of Lean on the logistician is significant.

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Program Summary

A goal of lean logistics is to eliminate waste, decrease work-in-process inventories, and, in turn, decrease process and manufacturing lead-times; ultimately increasing supply chain velocity and flow. Supply chain velocity and flow is paramount to Lean Thinking, as the ultimate goal of Lean is to improve organizational effectiveness and profitability.

Lean logistics also has a vital cultural element that is crucial to the logistician.

The concept of “Total Logistics Cost”. The Lean practitioner does not focus on individual cost factors such as transportation or warehousing, but rather, it focuses on “total logistics cost”. With inventory carrying costs representing 15-40% of total logistics costs for many industries, making decisions based on total cost has dramatic implications for the logistician.

Target Audience


Participants will learn how to:

Program Format

The program format is both lecture and interactive. The students will participate in individual and group exercises. Case study methods are also used to enhance the ‘real world’ nature of this course.

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Individuals have the option to take both Part I and Part II of the program or they may opt to only take one module.

Courses meet, unless otherwise noted, at the following times and locations:

Spring 2016

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Lean LogisticsFebruary 16-17, 2017Register Here

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