Finance for Supply Chain Professionals

supply-chain-4hyNote: This program can be taken as part of the Integrated Supply Chain Management program, or as a stand-alone class.

Implementation of supply chain is expensive and risky. It requires substantial investment in the areas of finance and human capital with unknown results. Supply chain operations profoundly impact a company’s income and financial statements in various ways; purchasing, sourcing, product design, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, packaging, storage and distributions. Nevertheless, many supply chain professionals have no or little knowledge of how their work contributes to the financial and income statements. Days inventory, days in sales outstanding and days in payable profoundly affect the company’s cash flow.

The purpose of this one-day workshop is to outline how integrated supply chain tools improve the financial health of companies. Fundamentals of supply chain principles have to be firmly in place before any attempts to use expensive information technologies and supply chain tools. Key metrics that contribute to a company’s financial health will be addressed to understand the basics of financial and income ow within and between supply chain partners. 


Topic Preview

  • Fundamentals of supply chain principles
  • Common traits for top supply chain performers
  • Fundamentals of income statements
  • Profitability: Return on investment, return on asset and economic profit
  • Return on equity
  • Flow of financial information within supply chain networks n Days in inventory 
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Finance for Supply Chain ManagersAugust 25, 2016Register Here
Finance for Supply Chain ManagersJanuary 26, 2017Register Here

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