Change Management - Leading Through Change

What sets successful companies apart over time is their ability to adapt and thrive in a changing business environment.

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Program Summary

The pace of change is accelerating, as today’s business faces a new set of rules on a constant basis, where change is the “new normal”.

These successful companies build change into their strategy and actively lead their people through rapid transformations.

They realize change is something leaders do with their people instead of to them.

As organizations constantly change and adapt to remain competitive, they need better strategies for managing change.

The Change Management workshop will cover the concepts of managing planned change, the main “derailers” of change efforts, and how to make change more successful in organizations.


Participants will learn:

Program Format

The program format is both online and interactive. The students will participate in individual exercises online. Case study methods are also used to enhance the ‘real world’ nature of this course.


Course Title

Course Fee


Change Management 

$650 per person 

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