Quality and Change Management

What sets successful companies apart over time is their ability to adapt and thrive in a changing business environment.

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Program Summary

There’s no escaping change. And organizations that cling to the “tried and true”—whether it be existing business models and processes or perceptions of market conditions and customer preferences—are doomed to continually play catch-up in the marketplace, and may eventually go out of business!  Even recognizing the inevitability of change isn’t the same as managing the challenges it presents.  Satisfactory change management isn’t enough however.  Change and quality management are dynamic equilibriums for successful organizations, and quality is required as the central component of success. Yet, experience and the literature demonstrates that modern, post-industrial projects often mention quality, but only nominally employ it.

Facilitating change is more critical now than ever as organizations are affected by economic conditions and are driven to improve efficiency, productivity, and quality. This program establishes a comprehensive quality and change approach that lets organizations and individuals model change and quality leadership.  The coursework is immediately applied to your current situations through application exercises, case studies, and interactive program modules. Stop struggling to implement quality and change into your corporate strategic endeavors.  Work through the complexities of the process to effectively integrate quality expertise and to employ change management solutions that drive business success. 

This presentation offers a multi-faceted approach to integrating the Change and Quality Management efforts by assimilating key concepts in a practical way ensures the “correctness” of deliverables.  Through the science of modern disciplines and via the application of a practical implementation by the Quality and Change Manager, the team is guided to the timely delivery of customer needs and organizational promises. 

Program Format

The program format is both online and interactive. The students will participate in individual exercises online. Case study methods are also used to enhance the ‘real world’ nature of this course.


Course Title



Quality and Change Management

October 5, 2017

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