Certificate in Sustainable Business Leadership


About the Program


The course is comprised of 10 modules organized around instructor videos, slides, readings, and assignments. All materials are included in the course fee. Saint Louis University will award participants who successfully complete the program an official certificate of completion. All backgrounds and skill levels are welcome.

The Emerson Leadership Institute developed the course in partnership with Sustainable Business Consulting, a Seattle-based firm that has worked with over 100 companies in 32 different industries to realize the financial benefit of integrating sustainability.


Program Topics

  1. Sustainability, Leadership, and the Language of Business
  2. Current State of Sustainability
  3. Making the Business Case for Sustainability Leadership
  4. Leadership in Sustainable Operations
  5. Accounting and the Triple Bottom Line
  6. Managing for Sustainability
  7. Sustainability, Leadership, and Stakeholder Engagement
  8. Strategy for Sustainability
  9. Vision and Goal Setting
  10. Marketing for Sustainability

Program Costs

$975, volume discounts and scholarships available, contact the Emerson Leadership Institute for more information.

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