Certificate in Ethics & Corporate Compliance


Get Certified in Ethics and Compliance Management (CECM)

About the Program

Register Online for SLU Certificate in Ethics and Corporate ComplianceEnrollment Opens Nov. 30, 2013

The program consists of 22 online sessions. Each session is organized around instructor videos, power point summaries, pertinent articles, practice quizzes, and supplementary readings from the required course textbook (students will have to purchase.) In addition, the program includes several industry examples and online simulations and takes roughly 8 months to complete at 4 hours a week. 

Designed by industry experts & academics developed with members of the Emerson Ethics Center advisory board, and led by Professor Nitish Singh, Ph.D., the ethics and compliance program complements the academic rigor with real-world examples/simulations.




Program participants will be required to take an online multiple choice test to demonstrate their proficiency in the program topics. The test can be taken at any location and program administrator will assist you with this information. Assessment is based on participant participation, simulations and through the final certification exam. Participants need an overall passing grade of 75% to successfully complete the certificate program. The rigor of assessment for the certificate program adheres to Saint Louis University and the John Cook School of Business quality and outstanding academic standards.

For more information on the program structure and assessment please contact us at: ethicsbiz@slu.edu


Program Topics

 Program Topics 
Ethics FoundationsWhistleblower Programs
Ethical Lens InventoryCompliance & Risk Management 
Global Business EthicsCompliance Auditing & Monitoring
Corporate Social ResponsibilityAnti-corruption & FCPA 
Role of GovernmentM & A compliance
Corporate GovernanceFraud-AML, FCA Compliance
Foundations of ComplianceWage/Labor Compliance Issues
Culture of ComplianceExport Compliance Management
Designing Compliance ProgramsAnti-trust Compliance
Compliance Policies, Communications TrainingEnvironmental Regulation Compliance
Managing, Preventing, & Investigating FraudTopical Simulations


Post-Certificate Refresher Course

After completion of the program, participants may take periodically offered online refresher sessions covering recent updates in the field of ethics and compliance management. Participation is voluntary, but participants will also be offered opportunities to take additional courses in advanced topics related to ethics and compliance.