Why a MS in Sustainability/MBA Dual Degree?


SLU sustainability students take a tour of the 100 kilowatt solar panel array on top of the warehouse at Walsh and Associates, a local chemical distribution company focused on “greening” their business.

Companies are increasingly recognizing the value of integrating sustainability practices into their corporate strategies. Sustainable companies are ethical, socially responsible corporate citizens who proactively reduce risks and manage their reputations in the marketplace. These companies create growth and value by improving business practices and processes that reduce costs, drive revenues, and attract and retain top-notch employees. Simply put, sustainable business is good business.

Sustainable Business is Good Business

The pairing of business and sustainability is a highly relevant and valuable combination in the 21st Century global economy. The MS in Sustainability/MBA will help students understand how the most pressing ecological issues of our time such as climate change, depletion of non-renewable resources, which impact business operations and strategies.

Students who understand the critical nexus between business and sustainability will be better positioned to become next-generation corporate leaders, capable of understanding, anticipating, and navigating the complex and evolving landscape of social, fiscal, and environmental practices and policies in a low-carbon economy.