Why One-Year MBA?


Accelerated Program. Accelerated Results. Respected Degree.

Top Reasons to Pursue SLU’s One-Year MBA

The Cook School’s one-year MBA is a unique program to our region, but there are more reasons why it’s a smart move to pursue this degree.

  1. As the first program of its kind in the region, our One-Year MBA program attracts students nationally and joins the ranks of other successful programs offered by prestigious business schools throughout the country.
  2. The Saint Louis University One-Year MBA program is a unique option for earning an MBA from AACSB-accredited Saint Louis University.
  3. The One-Year MBA is more affordable than two years of a traditional MBA program (2016-2017 tuition is $56,660, which includes a 7 day study abroad component).
  4. The program’s duration is 12 months, divided into three semesters (summer, fall, spring), and it includes a 7 day study abroad component to give students valuable international business experience.
  5. The one-year MBA is a fast paced program meant for you to get the most out of your degree in a timely fashion.
  6. The program is intended for driven individuals who want to get ahead faster.
  7. The one-year MBA is a full-time program featuring an integrated curriculum; students learn to apply all facets of business to solve the tasks at hand.
  8. The John Cook School of Business is highly ranked nationally and has been educating business leaders since 1910.
  9. Our One-Year MBA programs has included students with various academic backgrounds in business, logistics,health, history, biology, engineering, science, journalism, education, and religion. Their full-time work experience has included accounting, banking, financial advising, law, military, teaching, and medicine.
  10. Classes begin summer, 2017.

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