The Saint Louis University College of Education and Public Service and the John Cook School of Business jointly administer a MA(Ed)/MBA dual degree, full-time program.

Education Meets Business

Graduates of SLU’s dual MA(Ed) /MBA program earn both a Master of Arts in Education Administration and a Master’s of Business Administration, and this dual degree 2-year program allows students to receive both degrees faster than if they pursued them separately.

This program includes a study abroad component, in which students will study foreign-based business cases, attend guest lectures, and between the fall and spring semesters, they will take an international trip and study abroad for two weeks to gain valuable hands-on international business experience!

The program provides an awareness of the functional relationships between the educational system and business and administrative organizations. The increasing complexity of both educational organizations and non-profit institutions makes such understanding important for students considering careers as administrators in educational institutions.

Upcoming Webinars

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Curriculum Overview

The Cook School, with its continuing mission to provide excellence in business education, has developed our MA(Ed)/MBA program to help students develop strong ethical and technical skills. Combined with the mission of the School of Education and Public Service to develop professionals dedicated to changing education, providing innovative solutions to problems, and the mission to serve others, the curriculum comes to life to prepare students for a rewarding experience that will give them the tools necessary to create real and lasting change.

Get a taste of the MA(Ed)/MBA curriculum.

Download the Sample Curriculum for the MA(Ed)/MBA Degree Program.