Graduate Business Programs

Make A Smart Move. Choose SLU. If there’s one thing you can count on in the world of business, it’s change. Just think how rapidly we’ve gone from being “wired” to “wireless”, and how advancing technologies and the increasing availability of real-time information make everything — and everyone — move faster. To stay ahead, you must work smarter and more efficiently.

Make A Smart Move: Choose a SLU Graduate Business Degree

Companies today seek business professionals who not only know business, but who also know how to embrace change, even spearhead it, and turn it into success. These individuals approach change from a global or “big picture” perspective — not a piecemeal approach.

The Mindset to Succeed

At SLU, we help prepare you for the global business world with a curriculum firmly grounded in business theory and academic learning. But that’s only the beginning. We make sure you not only have the tool set you need to succeed — but the mindset. It is invaluable to develop a thorough understanding of your values, teamwork, and communication and leadership skills and learn how to use them for strategic problem-solving. It’s a balance of the “heads-up” with the “hands-on.” Because at SLU, we do more than talk about the real world. We put you in it.

Diverse Programs. Individual Outcomes

Earning a graduate business degree from Saint Louis University will help prepare future business professionals and help propel current business professionals to perform effectively and ethically in today’s fast changing global environment. Students interested in the John Cook School of Business graduate programs should be eager to enhance their business acumen, strengthen leadership skills and grow both personally and professionally.

Many of our graduate business programs include a unique study abroad component, which includes foreign-based business case studies, guest speakers and an international trip. Learn more about the graduate study abroad programs.

MBA Programs

Flexibility is a hallmark of the Cook School’s MBA program, and we offer several areas of emphasis that focus on distinct business disciplines.

Specialized Master’s Degrees

Pursuing a specialized degree from the Cook School helps students acquire in-depth knowledge and develop skills needed to advance their career and succeed in their chosen field.

Dual Degrees

A significant benefit of our dual degree program is the reduction in time otherwise necessary to attain the degrees separately. In addition to reducing the time it takes to complete two separate degree programs, earning a dual degree will also reduce tuition costs and potentially increase students’ professional acceleration and earnings by being available in the workforce sooner.


As a supplement to our many degree programs, the Cook School offers a wide variety of certificate programs, which can educate participants about a new or growing aspect of their field or profession while preparing them for advanced professional responsibility. Our certificate programs are available to participants with or without degrees and to Cook graduates, as well as to those who have never been enrolled at Saint Louis University.