Why a Ph.D. in Business?


Grow your potential. Grow your knowledge. Grow yourself.

Top Reasons

Unleash Your Full Potential

A distinguishing feature of the SLU’s Cook School program is the focus on preparing students to be effective teachers and mentors for the academic profession. A primary objective of the program is the training of students in the design and conduct of rigorous research. Theoretical and methodological sophistication are achieved through coursework and through research conducted both with faculty and individually.


Diverse Experience

The combination of coursework, teaching, seminar experience, and dissertation experience is designed to provide students with a sound foundation for productive careers as academicians in international business and marketing.

All program requirements for the Ph.D. in Business Administration are under the academic jurisdiction of the Graduate School and are consistent with the rules and regulations thereof.


Notable Curriculum

The Cook School, in it’s continuing mission to provide excellence in business education, has developed our Ph.D. program to help students develop strong ethical and technical skills. Combined with the guidance from the SLU Graduate Program, the Ph.D. program develops professionals dedicated to changing the academic world through experience in teaching, research, and seminars to provide innovative solutions and serving others. The curriculum comes to life to prepare students for a rewarding experience that will give them the tools necessary to create real and lasting change.