Mark Higgins Receives 2015 American Accounting Association Outstanding Service Award


The American Accounting Association (AAA) is very proud to congratulate William F. Ezzell, Mark Higgins, and Mary Stone as recipients of the 2015 AAA Outstanding Service Award. This AAA award, which may be awarded at any time by the Board of Directors, was presented in the form of unique glass art pieces to William F. Ezzell and Mark Higgins on Tuesday, August 11th, and to Mary Stone on Wednesday, August 12th at the 2015 AAA Annual Meeting held in Chicago, Illinois. 

The Outstanding Service Award recognizes outstanding services to the Association other than educational and research contributions. The prestigious award is intended only for rare events or milestones achieved. More information about this award is available at http://aaahq.org/Education/Awards/Outstanding-Service-Award. For 2015, the American Accounting Association is extremely pleased to be able to bestow this award on William F. Ezzell, Mark Higgins, and Mary Stone in honor of their dedicated service to the education and practice of accounting.

Republished from American Accounting Association - Nancy Maciag
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