John Cook School of Business Professor Publishes Compliance Management Book, “Compliance Management: A How-to Guide for Executives, Lawyers, and Other Compliance Professionals”

Nitish Singh, Ph.D., associate professor of international business at Saint Louis University, and Thomas Bussen, an adjunct professor at Saint Louis University and former litigator, are the authors of the recently released book, “Compliance Management: A How-to Guide for Executives, Lawyers, and Other Compliance Professionals.” The book offers a unique and holistic perspective on a variety of ethics and compliance topics that are crucial for mitigating risk and enhancing ethics and compliance cultures.

Research shows that ethical, compliant businesses see increased productivity across a range of measurements. This practical guide helps compliance, legal, accounting and other administrative business professionals achieve that goal. The book combines ethics and compliance expertise with the grit of regulatory insights. The content is presented in an easy to understand format for anyone wanting to learn more about ethics and compliance. Some unique highlights include:

The book covers an extensive array of ethics and compliance topics that impact businesses today, and it identifies critical factors for successful compliance programs. Going well beyond works that speak in general terms about compliance-based actions, it integrates ethical solutions to compliance challenges and delves into details about specific regulatory issues while providing steps to mitigate risks.

For more information about the book, visit compliancehandbook.integtree.com.

To learn more about the John Cook School of Business, visit: business.slu.edu

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