Billiken Angels Network Celebrates $1 Million in Investment Over 400 Days

billiken-angels-bcvST.LOUIS (May 13, 2014) – Billiken Angels Network, the local angel investment group out of Saint Louis University’s John Cook School of Business, today announced it has reached a milestone, having invested over $1 million in local startups over the last 400 days.

The Billiken Angels Network infuses both capital and expertise into innovative companies that grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem in St. Louis. The goal of Billiken Angels is to invest in firms of any industry and size that show promise and create a tangible impact in the economy and region 

“In our experience, the concept of university-led angels is unique to the investment community,” said David Schenberg, co-founder of BusyEvent. “You can tell that Billiken Angels have education in their DNA. Our first time around we didn’t obtain funding, but were given great actionable feedback. That long-term view helped us comeback and gain funding in 2013. They really care about helping us grow.”

Billiken Angels raised $1 million in 400 days for eight St. Louis startups. Those companies have created over 100 jobs in St. Louis, and raised more than $56 million of funding.

“An investment from Billiken Angels means more to me than just funding,” said Joe Fischer, founder of Greetabl, a new consumer product company in St. Louis. “The funding is important, but the mentoring, connections, and support that the Angels provide make the value of working with Billiken Angels much greater than the funding you receive.”

“The Billiken Angels Network is focused on the deals that make a difference in St. Louis,” said Dr. Jerome Katz, Billiken Angels Network director and professor at Saint Louis University. “We are excited to be a strong contributor to the growing St. Louis entrepreneur ecosystem. Our group is focused on leveraging the university’s expertise to fund innovative companies that will grow jobs locally and help raise the awareness of the growing St. Louis entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

Aside from raising money for startups, Billiken Angels Network is also the most significant source of revenue for the Saint Louis University Entrepreneurship Program at the John Cook School of Business. Billiken Angels Network is one of only 24 university-based angel networks that exist nationwide.  

Billiken Angels have made investments in other St. Louis startups including Aisle411, Endostim, Kogent and many others.


About Billiken Angels Network

The Billiken Angels Network is part of the Entrepreneurship Program of the John Cook School of Business at Saint Louis University. Its goal is to identify and invest funds and expertise in businesses that can make a difference in the economy of the St. Louis region, and in the lives of the people living in the region and elsewhere. All members have a strong commitment to help develop entrepreneurship through education in addition to investment. For more information on becoming a Billiken Angel or presenting your business to the group, go to www.billikenangels.com or contact Laura Burkemper directly at 314.570.1031.

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