Dr. Scott Safranski Named Interim Dean for 2013-2014 Academic Year

Ellen Harshman, Ph.D. J.D., interim vice president of academic affairs, has announced that Scott Safranski, Ph.D., a veteran faculty member of more than 30 years at the John Cook School of Business, will serve as the school’s interim dean for the 2013-14 academic year.

For more than 20 years, Safranski has served in a variety of administrative roles, including twice as associate dean. An experienced department chair, he was chair of the management department for a total of 11 years and interim chair in decision sciences/ITM for a year.

In addition, Safranski was the school’s first director of assessment/assurance of learning activities and is very familiar with AACSB and HLC accreditation. In addition to his work on the last AACSB accreditation process, Safranski served as the coordinator for the 2000-2001 AACSB review and has served on the last three Higher Learning Commission Steering Committees for the University.

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