New Collaboration Lab Opens

The John Cook School of Business at Saint Louis University, in its continuing mission to provide excellence in business education, recently finished the major construction on the remodeling of the computer lab and service desk in DS 473. The renovation brings an updated space for both students, faculty, and staff to enhance their personal computing experience while in the building. 

The newly renovated  room in Davis-Shaughnessy 473 will house the new Collaboration Lab, formerly called the Computer Lab, and Service Desk. The Collaboration Lab and Service Desk will continue to support Cook School students, faculty, and staff.

The lab is currently operational but still completing the finishing touches of the renovation, such as the final placement of furniture and new equipment.

The newly renovated Collaboration Lab features the following services:

The AT&T Collaboration Lab is still located on the third floor during the final touches to DS 473, and reservations for the space should be made through the Business School Service Desk.


Service Desk Contact Information

Please continue to contact the service desk with your technical needs by emailing jcsbservicedesk@slu.edu or calling (314) 977-4000 option 7.  

Please note the service desk supports university supported computers and software for students, faculty, and staff of the Cook School of Business.

slu-cook-school-of-business-computer-labView of the new Collaboration Labslu-computer-lab-renovations-cook-school-of-businessThe new Collaboration lab features more open space for students to work together.
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