Winning Ideas: I2P Announces 2012 Winners

Idea to Product Winners at the SLU Cook School of BusinessFirst place winnersGreg Keogh and Thomas Combes Photo by Nicole German

About I2P

The annual I2P competition, which took place at SLU Friday, Nov. 16 and Saturday, Nov. 17, brings together students with innovative ideas for new products and services in a unique academic competition that looks at the earliest stages of their ideas. The campus-wide competition received 69 submissions. I2P only requires a two-page submission, written according to a strict format.

The three-tiered competition includes a campus, regional and global level. The teams that placed in the top five at the SLU campus competition are qualified to compete in the Spring Semester Regional Competition in April 2013. One or more winners from the regional competition may be invited to the 2013 I2P global competition to be held in Brazil. In recent years, Patrick Andrus, one of the second place winners this year and a previous regional I2P winner, was in Stockholm, Sweden, on Nov. 17 for the Global I2P competition where he took second place in the life sciences category.

The I2P competition is sponsored by the Coleman Foundation, KEEN (Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network), Regional Commerce and Growth Association, Wells Fargo/Sycamore Trust and the Office of Research Services, Billiken Angel Network and the Entrepreneurship Program at Saint Louis University’s John Cook School of Business.

And the Winner is…

The presentations were judged by a panel of business, entrepreneurial and academic experts. Cash prizes were awarded to the top five teams as well as the semi-finalists.

The top five teams included 10 students from Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology and two from SLU’s John Cook School of Business. The teams will compete in the spring semester Missouri-Illinois Regional Competition at SLU April 5-6, 2013.

1st Place ($1,000/team)

Finite Element Analysis for SketchUp - Gregory Keogh and Thomas Combs, Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology

2nd Place ($800/team)

Judges determined a tie for second place • DiAT-Diabetic Insulin Athletic Trainer - Patrick Riordan and Patrick Andrus, Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology • Therm Aways - Kevin Erickson, John Cook School of Business, MBA Program

4th Place ($400/team)

Virtual Shoe Market - April Tobben, Cook School of Business, MBA Program

5th Place ($200/team)

Flux - Robert Caruso, Mary K. Jennerjohn, Brittany Kendrick, Kendra Patton, Becky Mitrovich and Keegan Faudree, Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology

The following teams won $100 each for presenting at the semi-finals Friday, Nov. 16

Questions? Interest?

For additional information, visit the Center for Entrepreneurship at ecenter.slu.edu or call (314) 977-3850 or contact Nicole Germain at Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology at (314) 977-7820 orngermain@slu.edu

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