Leading for Creativity

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7:15 am - 3:30 pm / Multiple Breakout Sessions


Many conferences, symposia, and training programs have been designed with a goal to improve a person’s own creativity, workplace innovation, or entrepreneurship. This one-day conference focuses on cutting edge advice from research and practice for leaders, managers, and consultants who desire to help others be more creative in their work. Attendees will learn tools that all managers can use to improve and facilitate creativity in their employees across jobs and workplace contexts. 


Keynote Panel - the Startup WithIN


The Startup WithIN works with teams to spark, then develop a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Their goal is to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit within existing organizations to dramatically boost growth. Speakers include:


  • Pat McGauley, former VP of Innovation at Anheuser Busch
  • Steve Epner, SLU professor and founder of St. Louis Innovation Roundtable
  • Dan Lauer, creator of Waterbabbies and The Great American Toy Hunt
  • Ken Herold, former Chief Knowledge Officer at HOK
  • Bill Donius, former Chairman and CEO of Pulaski Bank

Learn more about the Startup WithIN


Breakout Sessions:


Leading “Creatives” Effectively

baer-markus-june-2017-1Getting the most from those expected or required to be creative in their jobs; e.g., R&D engineers, scientists, programmers, writers/journalists, artists, strategic managers, etc. Led by Markus Baer,
Ph. D., professor of organizational behavior at the Olin Business School, Washington University. Full Bio 





Leading Marketing Creatives Effectively

Leading those who work in marketing, branding, advertising, & customer relations. Led by Daniel Baack, Ph. D., associate professor of Marketing and  Assistant Dean and Director of the Full-time Denver MBA at the University of Denver. Full Bio

Leading for Creativity in Cross-Cultural/International Relations

Managing creativity in expatriates, international managers, and those working in international teams. Led by Jase Ramsey, Ph. D., associate professor of international business at Saint Louis University. Full Bio

Leading for a Creative Employee Culture

Cultivating creativity from those employees NOT necessarily expected or required to be creative. Led by Carl Maertz, Jr., Ph. D., Mary Louise Murray Endowed Professor of Management in the John Cook School of Business at Saint Louis University. Full Bio


Breakout Panelists













Alexandre’ Eisenchteter, Founder - STORMZ - Full Bio










Derek Weber, Founder - goBRANDgo! - Full Bio







Ellen Moran, Ph.D, PCC, Business Psychologist - Leadership Dialogues - Full Bio













Roberto Evaristo, Ph.D., CEO - Exospect LTD and Principal - Outthink LLC, former Head of Knowledge Management - 3M - Full Bio













Melanie Lorenz, Ph. D.
, Assistant Professor of International Marketing - University of Toledo - Full Bio











Nora Madjar Ph. D., Associate Professor of Management - University of Connecticut School of Business - Full Bio













Tamara Montag-Smit, Ph. D.
, Assistant Professor of Management - Ball State University - Full Bio









Robin Rath, CEO and Co-Founder - Pixel Press - Full Bio








Steve Knight, Director - COCAbiz -Full Bio 












Tim Basadur, Certified Trainer and Process Leader - Basadur Applied Creativity - Full Bio

susanwilliamscolorSusan Williams, FleishmanHillard - Senior Vice President, Partner and Group Account Director, St. Louis - Full Bio

eric-rhiney-picDr. Eric Rhiney, associate professor of marketing in the George Herbert Walker School of Business and Communications’ Department of Management - Full Bio

david-gutting-picDavid Gutting, SVP/Director of Intelligence at Barkley - Full Bio


Jody Fisher, co-founder of Seedling Partners LLC - Full Bio


Jeffrey Turner, head of Protein Assays at MilliporeSigma - Full Bio


Kimberly Baker, Vice President of Account Services for ComPsych - Full Bio

laurenherringpictureLauren Herring, CEO of IMPACT Group - Full Bio




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