Nitish Singh, professor of international business, shares his insights to the courses he instructs for the Master of International Business (EMIB) program.

nsingh-5682wDr. Singh (Ph.D. MBA, MA) is a leading global digital marketing and localization expert. He is a Professor doctorate at Saint Louis University. Dr. Singh is the author of ‘Localization Strategies for Global e-Business’ published by Cambridge University Press 2012. He has also co-authored ‘The Culturally Customized Website’ and “Proliferation of the Internet Economy’, and he has published more than 50 academic papers in key journals. His primary research focuses on cross-cultural consumer marketing, global e-business, and sustainability. He holds a doctorate in Marketing and International Business from Saint Louis University and an MBA and MA from universities in India and the United Kingdom. In addition to his work as a professor in international business, Dr. Singh is the co -organizer of Brand2Global Conference and the President and Co-Founder of IntegTree. 


What are some of the learning goals for your course? 

In general, I try to achieve the following learning goals for students for the different EMIB classes I have taught:


How do you integrate real-world experiences into your coursework? 

I leverage my consulting experience in global business, digital marketing and compliance to bring real-world insights in the class. In addition, I also include video interviews with various industry experts from my network.


What do you think sets the Saint Louis University Master of International Business program apart from other specialized masters? 

The Saint Louis University EMIB program is unique given its niche focus on managing global strategic challenges, and an emphasis on cross-cultural orientation.


What research are you currently working on and how do you bring that into the coursework? 

Most of my research is applied in nature. My area of emphasis is investigating global challenges faced by e-commerce corporations and also issues related to cross-cultural marketing. I leverage my research in the classroom by incorporating case studies, interviews, industry reports and executive insights that I have gathered as part of my research agenda.

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