MBA Testimonial: Jonathan Goodwin

goodwin-jonathanI chose the SLU one year MBA program to further my career aspirations. Since attending classes I have gained a better understanding of how a business functions from the small details to the big picture. Having achieved my Bachelor’s Degree from SLU in Healthcare Management, I sought out a program like SLU’s one year MBA to teach me the business concepts that many healthcare organizations use on a day-to-day basis.

Faculty, from courses such as Operations Management and Strategic Sourcing, have helped me learn the concepts that appeal to my goals and how to utilize the concepts in real world situations. I have come to better understand my interests based on the new courses I am taking. SLU’s Career Resources helped me with resume critiquing, interviews, and networking. Through them, I have been introduced and formed relationships with people from organizations that share my interests.

The resources and skills SLU has given me allowed for me to get a competitive job offer from the Cerner Corporation. SLU’s one year MBA Program is a great choice for those who wish to further their career goals and become a professional with a well-rounded skill set.

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