The Business and Culture of Panama

A break from the cold weather in St. Louis was not the only positive thing that came from visiting Panama. The first 4 days of company visits were incredibly valuable to me, as I am currently trying to figure out my plans after graduation. I quickly learned the different directions I could go as a business major. Some of them would be more traditional paths, whereas others were not, but I now know that there is so much out there to be explored! Not only were the speakers interesting in their various opinions on everything from their industry to Panama, but they offered us a new perspective that we never would have received in a classroom. 

This trip was more than just company visits though. Our last day in Panama, we went to Embera Drua Village, which is an indigenous community only accessed by a canoe through river systems. This was a very unique experience for almost all of us on the trip. We were able to mingle with the locals and learn about their beautiful and well-preserved culture. It is a humbling experience to see a life lived so differently from our own. All in all, this trip was fantastic. I learned so much that will better me professionally and personally. 

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