Nick Langan on How the One-Year MBA Program Assisted in His Supply Chain Management Career


Nick Langan is a member of the 2013-2014 One-Year MBA class, and has just accepted a position at Rawlings Sporting Goods. 

Attending the One-Year MBA program at SLU has been a great experience.  I started the program in June 2013, which was 10 years and a month after I completed my under graduate degree at Central Missouri State University.  Fortunately our class of 42 was very welcome to having an “old” guy such as me in the program.  It didn’t take me long realize we had a great group of professionals who enjoy making class a fun event and blowing off steam by “McCarty-ing” throughout the world. 

During the red semester we spent most of our waking hours trying to digest the fire hose of information that was being thrown at us each day.  It was a great chance for the class to get to know each other and work together to build on each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  Each class had its own unique feel, but I definitely enjoyed Dr. Islam teaching our economics class.  It was amazing to watch him mark up all three walls of dry erase boards with notes in 3 hours.

The yellow semester was unique from the red semester in that most of us began our Graduate Assistant positions as well as turned our focus on our resumes. 

Career services had a major impact on us during this semester.  They taught us everything they could about the current job market and how to positions ourselves in it. 

I think most people from the class would agree that the trip to Hong Kong at the end of this semester was not only a great insight into the world on international business, but also a chance to experience how the other side of the world lives. 

The green semester was the most relaxed in terms of study requirements, but probably the most stressful of all the semesters because we knew our time in school was ending.  The relaxed scheduled allowed us time to focus on job searches, attend networking events and interviews.

Completing the MBA program and the emphasis in Supply Chain Management prepared me to the walk right into the Supply Chain Industry.  Because of all this hard work and preparation I was fortunate enough to be hired by Rawlings Sporting Goods as a Sourcing Manager before I graduated from the program.  

  1. joe sandbrink

    Excellent article Nick! Wish you the best as you pursue your career with Rawlings...Im sure SLU MBA has prepared you well...

    May 1, 2014Reply

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