Success Off the Runway : Dress for Success Teaches More than Just Fashion

michael-costello-slu-cook-school-of-businessMichael struts his stuff as a model in the 2013 Dress for Success Fashion show

Being a model in the Career Resource Center’s Dress for Success Fashion Show was definitely one of the many highlights in my first year at the John Cook School of Business. As a freshman, my goal for the year was to get involved in any possible way- a task which is all too easy at Saint Louis University.I had previously joined the Student Ambassador Organization within the John Cook School of Business, who put on Dress for Success.Through this awesome organization I was able to volunteer myself as a model in the fashion show.

The first step in this process was visiting the Scholarshop to try on clothes. We found a really high quality suit there for only $65 dollars. The other models tried out clothes for Target and Brooks Brothers, and everyone found something great to wear. Rehearsals were kept fun and were kept relaxed by Troy, who did an amazing job emceeing the fashion show and employer panel.

Since it was my first year participating in the event, I was shocked (as I’m sure many other freshmen were) to see a 45 foot runway in the middle of the Cook School of Business’s atrium on Wednesday morning. Walking down the runway and having all of my friends cheering for me was really special and I know all of my guy friends really enjoyed it too.

I think that there was huge learning value in the event, as Barb Gradala, Career Resources Center director, was very informative in going through all of the outfits that the models were wearing and differentiating between the really expensive outfits and the cheaper ones, and then clarifying the difference between business casual and professional.

It was interesting to see the quality outfits you could acquire at cheaper retail stores and even thrift stores, but still accomplish a business casual or business professional look. Also, having the employer panel at the end of the fashion show was really informational and I think it tied in nicely with the theme of the whole event.

Dress for Success is a great reflection of Saint Louis University’s focus on preparing students for their careers after graduation. I do not know how many other universities can claim to have brought in a 45 foot long runway to have a business themed fashion show, but I would not hesitate to say that there aren’t many.

This kind of event really speaks to the fact that Saint Louis University, and all of the members of the Career Resource Center genuinely care about what happens to students post-graduation. Like many other schools, the John Cook School of Business prepares its students with rigorous curriculum, various business clubs, and resume-building workshops.

But, I think the Dress for Success fashion show displays the extreme level of detail the Cook School is willing to go to ensure the later success of its students. From a student’s perspective, it is really exciting that my school puts on awesome events like Dress for Success. It reminds me that the faculty and staff here are dedicated to making sure that every student here has every possible resource available to them to become successful in the business world.


Editors Notes: Michael Costello is a student at the John Cook School of Business at Saint Louis University working towards his B.S.B.A. For photos from the 2013 Dress for Sucess Fashion Show, please visit the Cook School Facebook page. For more information about the Dress for Sucess Fashion Show event, please contact the Cook School’s Career Resources Center.

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