Why I Chose An MBA from SLU

Why did I select the SLU MBA Program?


david-green-114-First, value was very important to me. Having had four years of work experience prior to applying, I did not want to leave the workforce for an extended period of time. The fact that I would be able to return to the workforce within one year, versus two years at most other comparable programs, was very enticing to me. SLU’s administration is very aware that, by allowing students to return to work one year earlier, a great deal of the MBA cost can be offset by re-entering the workforce sooner. Also, gaining an extra year of professional, on-the-job experience rather than classroom activities was a welcome thought.

Second, the prestige of receiving an MBA degree from SLU was alluring. Saint Louis University has a strong reputation, not only within the St. Louis area, but also throughout the region. My personal goal, as mentioned earlier, was to change career paths, and to secure a position at The Boeing Company. After networking with several employees and performing my own independent research, it became clear to me that having an MBA degree from SLU would differentiate me, and give me an advantage over other job applicants.

Third, I chose SLU because of the camaraderie that I believed would occur with my fellow classmates. Having conversed with various SLU program administrators, I was convinced that there would be ample opportunities to network with both full-time graduate students and part-time students. The administration provides many opportunities from the start to do this. These events quickly allow for several impromptu gatherings between classmates to discuss case studies, past professional and personal experiences, and just to relax from the week’s challenging and fast-paced curriculum.

The culmination of the classroom experience was an international study trip to Hong Kong, China. Ultimately, by the time the entire full-time class embarked on the international study-abroad trip, it felt very natural to venture onto foreign streets with my newly formed friends. At the conclusion of the structured study abroad, most students elected to break off into small groups and visit neighboring countries. This was very rewarding for me, as my group not only visited Hong Kong, but also toured Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Bangkok, Thailand.

Above all, the most memorable and long-lasting thought that I have of the program was the anticipation and excitement inherent within the classroom that first day of class. Each one of us was there because we wanted to better ourselves, one way or another. Ultimately, the student intimacy within the full-time classes, and our ability to access the professors as well as the satisfaction of having secured that Boeing job, since graduation, has convinced me that I made the perfect choice to attend SLU’s graduate school.

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