Learning Outcomes: PhD

The Ph.D. in International Business & Marketing is an important degree for students interested in business education and research as a career, as such, the Cook School has outlined the following outcomes to assess student performance in the program.


Course Map

While exploring the outcomes below for the Ph.D. in International Business & Marketing, we encourage you to review the course map. 


Strategy Proposal

SLU Dimension

Learning Objectives

Assessment Measures

Scholarship and Knowledge

Students demonstrate their knowledge of the relevant literature and theories in the following areas: 

  • Marketing theory
  •  Consumer behavior
  •   International business 
  •   International marketing theory 
  •    Global business strategy


  • All students shall take comprehensive written and oral exams at the end of the coursework portion of the program. (Generally this is at the end of the second year). This exam shall consist of a set of questions that correspond to the courses taken as part of the program. Each question shall be graded by the instructor of the corresponding course (or a qualified substitute). Following the comprehensive exam, faculty involved in the program shall meet to discuss the results and identify any learning objectives that are not being met. This group will recommend changes to the doctoral program committee. In addition, exam results are reviewed with students, who are counseled on any areas of significant weakness.  


Intellectual Inquiry and Communication

  • Students shall be able to complete a research project that creates meaningful new knowledge in their chosen discipline.  
  • Students shall be able to create both written and oral research reports.
  • Students shall be able to apply appropriate quantitative and qualitative analytical techniques.




·   All students shall complete a research dissertation and orally present the findings in a public defense. This dissertation shall demonstrate their in-depth knowledge of their discipline and of research methods. The dissertation will be reviewed by a committee of faculty. Once per year the doctoral program committee shall review the quality of the dissertations and make program adjustments as needed.


Community Building

  • Students will work effectively with each other and in small study groups that are composed of others from various ethnic, educational, and work experience backgrounds.



·     Interviews with current and exiting students.

Leadership and Service

  • All students will alternate leadership roles in small groups thereby requiring all students to practice group leadership skills.
  • Interviews with current and exiting students.

Spirituality and Values

  • Students understand and exhibit ethical practice in use and identification of published, unpublished, and electronic sources of information.
  • Students understand and practice appropriate safeguards in the use of human subjects in research.
  • All students shall complete a research dissertation. In addition to review for intellectual rigor (see above) this dissertation will also be audited by the dissertation committee for appropriate use and attribution of materials consulted.
  • Students, as part of their doctoral program, will complete the Human Subjects Research training offered through the SLU Institutional Review Board.