Learning Outcomes: MBA

The Master of Business Administration is an important degree for students interested in business advancing a career, as such, the Cook School has outlined the following outcomes to assess student performance in the program.

Course Map

While exploring the outcomes below for the Master of Business Administration, we encourage you to review the course map.

Scholarship and Knowledge

Development of a well-rounded educational foundation, incorporating experiential learning, through scholarship and dedication to the advancement of knowledge in order to prepare for advanced study, for careers, and for lifelong learning.

Learning Outcome:

Intellectual Inquiry and Communication

Development of the abilities of intellectual inquiry and communication in order to learn effectively, express ideas and concepts clearly, and apply knowledge to newly encountered situations.

Learning Outcome:



Community Building

The welcome of all, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or gender to build an inclusive community which leads to respect and compassion for human life and the dignity of each person.

Learning Outcome:

Leadership and Service

Service to others and the promotion of social justice in order to become men and women for others who lead by example.

Learning Outcome:

Spirituality and Values

By developing their values, and openness to the transcendent, students determine principles to guide their actions and their relationships with others.

Learning Outcome:

Notes: Moodle, a web-based course communication and management tool, could serve as a repository for above referenced documentation of learning outcome measurement. Data from this activity will be reviewed and used for decision-making.


Other ways of measuring outcomes: