Five Dimensions of the SLU Experience

Reflective of its mission, Saint Louis University strives to engage its students in five interrelated dimensions that contribute to the development of the whole person: scholarship and knowledge, intellectual inquiry and communication, community building, leadership and service, and spirituality and values.

Five Dimensions

Scholarship and Knowledge

By developing a well-rounded educational foundation that incorporates learning through experience, by becoming scholars in their chosen fields, and by dedicating themselves to the advancement of knowledge, students are prepared for advanced study, for their careers, and for lifelong learning.


Intellectual Inquiry and Communication

By developing the abilities of intellectual inquiry and communication, students are able to learn effectively, express ideas and concepts clearly, and apply their knowledge to new situations they encounter.


Community Building

By welcoming and working with others, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or gender, students build an inclusive community that leads to respect and compassion for human life and the dignity of each person.


Leadership and Service

By serving others and by promoting social justice, students become men and women for others who lead by their example.


Spirituality and Values

By developing their values and openness to the transcendent, students determine principles to guide their actions and their relationships with others.

Incorporating Academics

In each of our academic programs we strive to weave these core dimensions into the learning experience. For more information about how these dimensions are incorporated into our programs, please explore each program by clicking on the title below: