Marketing Academics


Multiple options with multiple paths. A career that you select and for which we prepare you.


B.S. in Business Administration - Marketing Concentration

Marketing takes a practical and career driven focus in education.  Our undergraduate students will enhance their prospects for meaningful employment and substantive contributions to their employer and to society.


Supporting Area in Marketing

Business majors may select Marketing as a Supporting Area if they choose not to select Marketing as their Concentration.


Marketing Minor for Non-Business Students

The John Cook School of Business allows non-business majors to earn a minor in Marketing. Completion of the minor provides an excellent foundation in the marketing areas of promotions and consumer behavior, and it allows students to branch out into two additional areas including retail, sales, and marketing research.



MBA - Marketing Emphasis

Marketing is a rapidly growing, exciting, and dynamic area of business. Marketing develops and tests product concepts, designs merchandising and promotional campaigns, creates and manages relationships with customers, collects and analyzes information about the marketplace, and creates and carries out the marketing plans that generate sales for employers. 


Ph.D. in International Business and Marketing 

The Ph.D. in Business Administration program at Saint Louis University’s John Cook School of Business offers an intensive educational experience that is designed to prepare graduates for academic careers, typically as business school faculty.